Turn sweat to your advantage

Aqua Booster Technology

That is enhanced by sweat to boost an UV protection veil. *in vitro data.
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The UV protection veil is enhanced when water or sweat comes in contact. ANESSA is formulated with groundbreaking Aqua Booster Technology. *in vitro data.

If you sweat or come in contact with water with conventional sunscreen* on…

When you apply conventional sunscreen*, there are thick parts and thin parts on the coat. With contact with sweat or water, the thin parts can become even thinner or fade, compromising the UV protection veil. *Previous ANESSA products

But, with "Aqua Booster Technology",the UV protection veil becomes even with sweat or water! *in vitro data.

Aqua Booster ingredients bond with sweat and water to form a strong, even barrier.
Aqua Booster ingredients bond with minerals to form a strong, even UV protection veil. *in vitro data

Aqua Booster Ingredients bond with minerals to from a strong, even barrier against UV rays.

Conventional products and Aqua Booster The difference is "even veil".

Sunscreen formulated with Aqua Booster TechnologyConventional sunscreen (SPF50+, very water resistant)
*Previous ANESSA products

More protection when you need it most. ANESSA

For outdoor and sports

Moisturizing UV protection


For Face and Body

With "Aqua Booster Technology*3"
With "Hyaluronic acid GL*2" to moisturize stratum corneum and maintain skin conditions.*2 Hyaluronic acid Na + glycerin (for moisturizing)
*3 in vitro data

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