Turn sweat to your advantage

Do you know? Skin is vulnerable to UV rays in fall and winter.

Be careful in situations like these!

The whole face is exposed to UV rays Outdoor sports

  • In fall and winter, sunlight casts from the side, spreading the risks to the entire face.
  • The annual UV level has increased by 5% since 10 years ago.*
  • Wear a sunscreen that will resist sweat.

Extended risk of UV exposure Outdoor activities

  • The longer you stay out to enjoy outdoors, the higher the risk of sunburn.
  • Additionally, the air tends to be dry this time of the year, increasing the risk of sun spots.
  • The annual UV level has increased by 5% since 10 years ago.*

Increased UV level Mountain activities

  • Be careful when you go hiking and trekking. The amount of UV radiation increases at higher altitudes.
  • You need a sunscreen that offers steady protection despite the stronger UV radiation.
  • Additionally, the air tends to be dry this time of the year, increasing the risk of sun spots.

Snow reflects over 80% of UV radiation Winter sports

  • Snow reflects 80-95% of the UV rays.
  • The amount of UV rays increases as altitude increases.
  • Without proper protection, you may get goggle tan lines.

This fall and winter, protect your skin from
UV-induced dryness with these products!

*Based on the data provided by Japan Meteorological Agency

2 key points to maintain beautiful skin all through fall and winter.

Key point1 The risk of UV exposure in fall and winter is higher than you think!

Because the sun is lower in the sky in fall and winter, the sunlight expose from the side, exposing the whole face to sunlight radiation!


Early September


In addition・・・

Due to environmental changes, UV level has increased by 5% in 10 years!

There are more UV rays at higher altitudes.They increase by 10-12% for every 1000m!

* Calculation based on the data by Japan Meteorological Agency

Key point2 Dryness increases the chance of helps getting sun spots!

The dryness in fall and winter increases the factor that produces excess melanin.

Because of the activated melanocytes, sun spots changes for the worse easily.

Visit here for more information on
how to prevent sun spots in fall and winter.

Take actions against UV and dryness this fall and winter!

Protect your skin with ANESSA against the unique risks of UV radiation in fall and winter.

    Sunscreen emulsion

  • essence UV sunscreen aqua booster

    • SPF50+ PA++++

    Protect your skin from UV rays and dryness with the moisturizing sunscreen that locks in moisture.

    Perfect for sports like golf or running when you may sweat even in fall and winter.

    Formulated with Aqua Booster Technology to enhance the UV protection veil with sweat or water.* The moisturizing formula is ideal for the dry season.
    *in vitro data

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    • Formulated with Aqua Booster Technology

      It enhances the UV protection veil when it comes in
      contact with sweat and water.

    • Formulated with Hyaluronic acid GL*1配合

      Formulated with the moisturizing ingredient to protect
      skin from damage such as dryness.
      It offers a superb moisturizing effect.

    • Treatment effects for UV-induced damage
    • Endurance formula against repeated UV exposure*
      *in vitro data.

      It maintains the stability of ingredients over repeated
      UV exposure. *2

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*1 *1 Hyaluronic acid NA + glycerin (for moisturizing) *2 Reapply as needed after sweating or towel drying.